• $MART Bin

    Revolutionizing the recycling ecosystem.

  • Our vision

    We aim to give back to nature - with recycling at the core of our business.

    Problem Statement

    Lack of recycling

    Many Singaporeans lack the habit of recycling as they feel that it is too inconvenient or there are little or no incentives to recycle. The recycling rates are 7% for plastics and 80% for non-ferrous metals such as aluminium cans and there is plenty of room for improvement in Singapore to inculcate a culture of recycling.

    Current Situation

    we are slowly destroying earth

    Semakau Landfill is expected to be filled by 2035 - a decade sooner than the original 2045 projection. At the rates we are recycling, we would soon run out of landfill space.

    Plastics are also made of crude oil = a non-renewable resource, and once it's gone, it's gone forever.

    Our Solution

    REVOLUTIONIZing the recycling ecosystem

    $MARTbins can dispense credits whenever someone chooses to recycle, encourage those who don't recycle to start recycling, and reward those who have been consistently recycling, thereby increasing recycling rates.

    With the help of IoT, sensors and technology, the recycling system is revolutionized to reduce contamination while allowing the operations to be as efficient as possible, allowing us to keep operational costs low.

  • Past Events

    Previous competitions, projects and initiatives.

    Create4Good Competition

    Our humble beginnings - 20 May 2016

    Create4Good is a social initiative by the late Deputy Chairman of City Developments Limited, Mr Kwek Leng Joo, and it was jointly organised by SUTD & SMU.

    Through this competition, $MART Bin was born. It was where we received our very first seed funding, as well as mentorship and guidance from industrial mentors. Through this enriching journey, we found like-minded companies who are interested in improving the recycling situation in Singapore, as well as companies who are interested in providing startups with opportunities to grow and pilot test.

    Green Living Exhibition

    Generating Awareness and Visibility - 9 to 11 September 2016

    Through Create4Good, we have managed to make friends with like-minded individuals from companies like City Developments Limited (CDL), and henceforth we were given the opportunity to exhibit our product and educate people about the recycling situation in Singapore and spread awareness about how our idea could help alleviate the problem.

    At the exhibition, there were many other companies with products that either encourage a greener and healthier way of living such as food decomposing machines, and various indoor plants.

    National Climate Change Competition (NCCC)

    A video about climate change - August 2015

    The NCCC was launched in 2011 as an effort to raise awareness and to encourage individual action on climate change in Singapore. This competition took the form of a short film competition for participants to submit videos that encompasses innovative and practical solutions on ways to tackle climate change.

  • Current Projects

    On-going projects, initiatives and research.

    Project with Government Investment Corporation (GIC)

    Problem Statement:

    Their current bins are poorly designed - they are too tall, resulting in the cleaning lady having great difficulty in clearing the waste. Our client also wish for a more efficient way of measuring the amount of recyclables and waste collected to achieve the BCA Green Mark.

    Current status:

    Coming up with the primary design of the new bins in simple sketches that takes into considerations the needs of our clients.

    Research & Development on Bin Scanners

    Our bin utilizes a few sensors to identify the objects placed into the bin, namely inductive sensors and ultrasonic sensors. Ultrasonic sensors first test for the presence of an object, which then kickstarts the overall system process. Following which, inductive sensors separate aluminium cans from plastic bottles. Research on sensors for distinguishing recyclables from general waste is still ongoing.

  • Meet Our Executive Team

    Our multi-disciplinary team consists of students from SUTD studying Engineering Product Development, Engineering Systems Design, Information Systems Technology Design, Architecture Systems Design & students from SMU studying Business. All of us are dedicated and passionate about our cause to improve recycling rates in Singapore.

    Sofia Foo

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Sophomore at SUTD

    Architecture and Sustainable Design

    Regina Lim

    Co-Founder, Marketing, Public Relations

    Sophomore at SUTD

    Engineering Systems Design

    Second year at SMU - Business

    Dorette Ong

    Co-Founder, Software Engineer

    Sophomore at SUTD

    Information Systems Technology Design

    Second year at SMU - Business

    Gan Jin Jye

    Co-Founder, Technical Engineer

    Sophomore at SUTD

    Engineering Product Development

    Lee Jiong Le

    General Partner, Technical Engineer

    Sophomore at SUTD

    Engineering Product Development

    Clara Chow

    General Partner, Designer

    Sophomore at SUTD

    Architecture and Sustainable Design